Page 1: Survey Information

Thank you for clicking on this survey. We want to hear your opinions on the NHS sharing data for health research.

Answering the questions in this survey is your opportunity to have your say and will help us to plan this research for the NHS.

  • For this survey, we are interested in responses from everyone.
  • It should only take 10-15¬†minutes to answer all 11¬†questions. It may take longer if you are using a screen reader.
  • Each question has background information and a picture to help you answer the question.
  • You will not be asked for any of your personal information, i.e. your name, date of birth, address, contact details, etc.
  • By submitting the survey, you agree that the answers to each question can be kept and looked at by the University of Leicester.
  • The results of this survey will be used to plan the research and may be reported in medical literature.
  • If you start the survey but decide you want to stop, just close the internet browser window. Your answers will not be submitted and all information will be deleted.